By Phil Skeggs

Ivanhoe Amateurs congratulates Ash Close on his 100th game for the club in Round 10 (June 18).

It’s been a decade since Ash, aka Moose, helped take the Hoers to the D3 grand final, topping the competition goalkicking with 104 goals and scoring 13 more in the finals. And since his return to the club as senior playing coach in 2020, he’s lost none of that brilliance in front of the big sticks.

Ash is one of the top guns on the D2 sharpshooters list, with 28 goals, including three in a strong win over finals aspirant Brunswick in Round 10.

Ash started as a junior at Ivanhoe, played under 19s in 2010, and by 2011 was kicking bags of goals for the seniors in D3. He donned the Big V for the VAFA tour of Ireland in 2013.

Ash has developed into a highly respected leader and astute tactician, sharing his knowledge from several years working at Collingwood, playing in the Magpies’ VFL team and at Northcote Park in the Northern league.

He has taken the Hoers to the top of the D2 ladder this season, having won eight straight to date. Everyone at Ivanhoe AFC is enormously proud of Ash’s achievements so far and genuinely excited about the prospect of finals action “for the good old black and white”.

Looking forward to those mock antlers coming out again for another bag of 10 one day soon, Moose. Keep it going!

Click here for video footage of Moose being chaired off after his 100th game.

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