By Phil Skeggs

Kate Drapac (nee McKendrick) has been involved with the club most of her adult life, spanning some 15 years.

She started as a keen supporter following the fortunes of her friends in Under 19s and through to their years in the seniors.

Kate originally joined committee during Grant McKenzie’s presidency in 2014.

She stepped down when Grant vacated the top job, but returned in 2018 to take over the treasurer’s role from Ben Joyce.

In 2019, she promised then president Rob Pearce that she would not leave her position as treasurer “until she left the place in a better place”.

Kate stuck at it until the AGM late last year when she passed the baton to Liz Opasinis (Valkanis).

During the period she was treasurer, Kate’s personal workload was immense but it never stopped her performing her duties at the club.

Importantly, Kate showed great strength in the allocation of club monies and was zealous with its uses.

In 2021, Kate also added club vice-president to her responsibilities.

Over the last two years, the club’s bank balance improved to the point where we heard the best news possible from Kate last November: we were back in the black!

She got the biggest ovation I’ve ever seen at a club AGM. The relief among the club faithful after so many years of struggle and doubt was just immense.

Rob Pearce voiced special appreciation for Kate’s support during those dark days, describing her as his “great encourager”.

Kate’s fantastic service was recognised with the Harry Award at the annual Black & Whites dinner in December last year.

And she gave us a bit of insight into her motivation, saying: “He (Rob) is the reason I have stayed around the football club … it’s been you and only you … because you are Ivanhoe Football Club.

“You have been a friend, someone who has always supported me in every aspect of my life. You are the Godfather.”

So if Rob was the Godfather, I’d suggest Kate has been Rob’s loyal and trusted “consigliere’’. On behalf of the rest of the Ivanhoe family, thank you and well done Kate.

Kate Drapac (right) with President Pete Rawlet after being inducted as a Life Member of the club. Photo – Phil Skeggs

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