By Ross Toogood

The Black & Whites coterie group held their annual Harry Dinner last night at Lucille Bistro in East Ivanhoe where they announced Premiership Senior Men’s captain, Danny Jones, as this years Harry Award winner.

Rob Pearce spoke glowingly of Danny and his work with our club, highlighting some traits of Danny’s “Faithfulness, Honesty and Reliability.”

“Along with faithfulness comes loyalty…with honesty comes fairness, morality and decency…along with reliability comes dependability and consistency” Rob added. “Every game you play Danny you are true to yourself and our club…those who have been honoured in the past 15 years are so proud that you are noted on our shield.”

Being the captain of a Premiership winning team is a tough thing to achieve, having done it in 2014 as co-captain of our U19 premiership and now as a drought-breaking Senior captain, Danny is a more than worthy winner!

Both President Pete Rawley and Men’s Senior coach Ash Close shared their thanks, thoughts and feelings on an amazing year. It was evident this is just the beginning of their plans for our club.

Bring on 2023!

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