By Phil Skeggs

Ivanhoe AFC is well placed for another big season after the committee was re-elected and the club’s healthy financial status confirmed at the AGM on Tuesday night. (November 29)

Pete Rawley is staying at the helm for another year as club president, with Mark Centofanti (vice-president), Ross Toogood(secretary), Liz Valkanis (treasurer), Donny Valkanis (general committee/ food & beverage manager). 

Dual premiership player Nick Godfrey has also joined committee overseeing a new role of HR, Processes & Strategy after opting to hang up the boots and give back to the club after a decade as a player.

Aimee Trew will continue her support of the committee in the role of sponsorship manager after a successful year in 2022.

Liz released the 2022 season financial statement, which shows the club’s bottom line is the strongest it has been in many years.

This included significant increases in sponsorships, bar revenue and some further government grant support. Player subs remained strong despite being discounted 20pc because of a shortened 2021 season and the reduction of player numbers due to fielding just one Ivies team in 2022.

The club boasts 15 individual sponsors and it’s understood some have already approached the club with offers of increased support next season.

“I can’t be thankful enough for our sponsors’ support this year,” said Liz. “We would not be in the position we are now without them.”

Pete thanked Liz for her outstanding financial governance and Aimee, who took over the sponsorships role and has been very active attracting new sponsors.

Underlining the great work done by the social committee, the Big Draw, Life Members’ Lunch and Presentation Night made significant contributions to a stronger bottom line. 

Pete also signalled intentions to grow the Black & Whites coterie group and encourage more past Ivanhoe people back to the club. 

“Whilst this year’s result is outstanding, it costs just under $200,000 to run our little local football club, so we need to get further support to not only survive, but grow,” he said. “The committee is committed to reinvest any financial gains in coaching, equipment, staff and improved facilities in 2023.”

The committee continues to foster closer ties with Ivanhoe Juniors’ committee and coaches to encourage Colts and Youth Women’s team members to consider their playing futures with the senior club.

Pete also expressed thanks to retiring senior assistant coach Nick Carlyon, reserves coaches Karl Kaldawi and Jacob Healy for their fantastic work this year, with the latter pair not ruling out playing next year. Rhiannon Campbell has also indicated that while she can’t continue as Ivies assistant coach, she is keen to keep playing.

The club’s full annual report will be released soon.


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