The attached list was compiled for the website in the absence of a permanent Under 19s honour board on display in the clubrooms. The Under 19s B&F medal is named in honour of another club legend Rob Pearce, who coached Under 19s in 1992-93 and serving as secretary in 1999, and president 2000-04, 2010-11, 2019-20-21.    

*Special thanks to Russell Knight and Don Blackwood in helping compile this list.

Ivanhoe Under 19s best and fairest winners

2019 no team

2018 (Section 4) Fonda Kyriakos

2016-17 no team

2015 (VAFA Colts grand finalists) 4 players tied – Cameron Simpson, Pat Lagreca, Max Post, Darcy Byrne Connell.

2014 (premiers, North) Max Post

2013 (finalists, North) Charlie Robinson

2012 (finalists, North) Will Cuthbert

2011 (North) Justin Harty

2010 (North 2 finalists) Conor Mitchell

2009 (North 2 finalists) Reece Cotter & Bill Jackson

2008 (North 2 finalists) Ben Plowman

2002-07  no team

2001 (played in (2) Red as Ivanhoe Assumption) C.Meighan

2000 no team

1999 no team

1998 Michael Sloan (played as Warringal in U19 Red section finals, teams were grouped geographically 1993-96)

1997 no team

1996 (played as Warringal in U19 White section grand final) not in annual report

1994-95 no team

1993 (JS2 Central) Leighton Pearce & Michael O’Shea

1992 (JS2 Central finalists) Leighton Pearce & Stuart Northey

1988-1991 no team

1987 (JS3 premiership) Mark Donohoe

1986 (JS3 finalists) Chris Tucker

 1984-85 no team

1983 (JS1) Phil Russell

1982 (JS2 premiership) Ted Flynn

1981 (JS2 finalists) Trevor Presser

1980 (JS1) Simon Knorr

1979 (JS1) Tony Balcombe

1978 (JS1) Tony Cosma

1977 (JS1 grand finalists) Neville Warry

1976 (JS1 finalists) Tony Course

1975 (JS1 finalists) Tony Course

1974 (JS2 grand finalists) Randal Glennon

1973 (JS1) not known

1972 (JS1) not known

1971 (JS1) Neil Dean

1970 (JS1) Greg Borchers

1969 (JS1) Danny Malone

1968 (JS1 finalists) Jeff Brown

1967 (JS1 grand finalists) Peter Coulter

1966 (JS1 grand finalists) Ralph Bourke

1965 (U19 section) Peter Phillips

1964  (U19 section) Dennis Le Gassick

1963 (U19 section) Harvey Dike

1962 (U19 Section grand finalists) not known

1961 (U19 Section finalists) not known

1960 not known

1959 not known

1958 (U19 section) Vin Ford

1957 (U19 Section grand finalists) Geoff Vaughan

1956 (U19 Section finalists) Barry Sproule

1955 (U19 Section premiership) Noel Ryan

1954 (U19 Section finalists) Bill Mason

1953 (U19 Section premiership) not known

1952 (VJFA finalists) not known

1951 (VJFA) not known

1950 (VJFA grand finalists) not known

1949 (VJFA premiership) not known

1948 (VJFA grand finalists) not known

1947 (VJFA grand finalists) not known

1946 (VJFA grand finalists) not known

*Every effort has been made to try and identify all B&F winners, but they weren’t always recorded in annual reports. Some annual reports, especially from the post-war years, are no longer available. If you know the names of missing players from the list, please email me at pskeggs@optusnet.com.au