Hec Rutherford Medal

Hec Rutherford

Ivanhoe’s senior B&F medal is named after Hec Rutherford, who was captain of the club’s Team of the Century.

Before the club joined the Amateurs in 1934, we were in the Sub-District League.

Hec won the competition B&F (the Clota Medal) in 1932 as a tough second rover and half-back flanker.

He was elected club captain when we joined the VAFA in 1934. Under his leadership, the club won three VAFA premierships in a row from 1934 to 1936. That is the D, C, and B grade flags. The club won 60 games in a row – a VAFA record that still stands today.

Hec had clocked up over 100 games by the end of the 1936 season. The hard-working skipper also won the club’s B&F in 1937 – our first season in A grade.

That year he also played for the Big V against South Australia at St Kilda Cricket Ground. Hec lined up as a half-forward flanker and was renowned as a “cool and clever utility with all-round ability”. He was a forward pocket in our Team of the Century.

Hec was also selected to play for the Big V in 1938 but literally missed the boat (MV Taroona) to Launceston where the 2nd AAFC Carnival was being played. (Hoes winger Dave Renn joined the side, which won the carnival)