A trove you ask, what on Earth is a trove? Great question!

Well ‘trove’ actually means ‘a store of valuable or delightful things’! Hence, the newly created IAFC Picture Trove is a place that anyone who is fond of our club can take delight in seeing photos from yesteryear. If you have some photos tucked away somewhere or if you come across some, we would love you to share them with us and we’ll add them to this trove. A scanned copy is all we need which you can email to club historian Phil Skeggs pskeggs@optusnet.com.au

Ivanhoe’s 1913 premiership team

Ivanhoe team pic believed to be taken May 21, 1921, at Ivanhoe. Pic courtesy David Martin

Ivanhoe’s 1921 premiership team

Ivanhoe team from Sub-District league era in 1927

Ivanhoe Football Club 1931

Ivanhoe FC circa 1933

Ivanhoe’s D grade team in 1934 flag

Ivanhoe’s 1935 C grade premiership team

Ivanhoe 1936 B grade premiership team

Ivanhoe coach Ron Dowling post-World War II. Pic: The Dowling Family

Ivanhoe’s 1949 Under 19 premiership side (VJAFA). Ivanhoe 17.26 def Caulfield 4.9

Ivanhoe’s 1950 A Grade Team

Ivanhoe’s 1953 Under 19 premiership team

Ivanhoe’s 1954 B grade premiership team

Ivanhoe’s 1955 Under 19s premiers.Ivanhoe 13.8 def Ormond 12.13

Ivanhoe’s 1956 A grade premiership team

1956 Vic Olympic team

Lloyd Williams in 1956 Olympics rep team jumper

Ivanhoe’s B grade grand final team 1961

Ivanhoe’s 1962 N.E Reserve section premiership team

Ivanhoe Amateurs 1965 B grade finalists. The club was coached by Lloyd Williams and finished fourth. Pic supplied by Don Blackwood, team captain

1966 Ivanhoe AFC team that made the B grade grand final

Ivanhoe AFC’s 1969 B grade premiership team

Video footage of the 1969 B Grade Grand Final

Ida Marcon, circa 1970

Ivanhoe’s 1975 B grade reserves premiership team

Ivanhoe’s 1976 B grade reserves premiership team

Six Ivanhoe players who had played over 200 games by 1976.

Ivanhoe’s 1977 B grade reserves premiership team

1977 Under 19 grand final banner with life member Betty Warry (right), pic courtesy Phil Skeggs

1982 U-19 premiership report from The Heidelberger front page with Ted Flynn, coach John Sampson, and Steve Leighton

Ivanhoe’s 1984 B grade grand final team

Ivanhoe’s 1987 Under 19s Section 3 premiership team. Ivanhoe 15.11 def Whitefriars 9.12.

1987 Under19 premiership team photo, pic courtesy Julian Makin

Banner for Under 19s in 1987 grand final at Ross Gregory Oval, Albert Park, pic courtesy Natalie Durkin

1987 U-19 premiership celebrations post-siren jubilation, pic courtesy Julian Makin

John Matthew celebrates the 1987 B grade reserves premiership, pic courtesy John Matthew

Tough day at Ford Park in 1989, pic courtesy John Matthew

Ivanhoe AFC 1991 C grade team pic from Rohan Armstrong

The day the fabulous Flynn Brothers all played in the seniors in 1991 – Dan, Peter and Ted and brother-in-law Dave Delaney, pic courtesy Marg Flynn

1993 Ivanhoe AFC C grade finalists, pic courtesy John Matthew

Ivanhoe’s 1995 C grade grand final team

1995 Big V reps Rohan Armstrong and Peter Flynn, pic courtesy Rohan Armstrong

1997 Ivanhoe AFC team in B grade, pic courtesy Julian Makin

Ivanhoe’s Team of the Century announced in 2003

2014 Under 19 premiership team

Ivanhoe Amateurs reserves celebrate 2015 D2 premiership.

Ivanhoe’s women’s team the Ivies celebrate their first win on April 22, 2017. Pic by Peter Marshall