This amazing collection of photos below were kindly shared with the club by Alan Phillips and is dedicated to his late brother Peter, a premiership wingman at Ivanhoe Amateur Football Club. A huge thank you to Alan.


By Phil Skeggs

A blast from the past has blown us away with previously unseen photos from the club’s 1969 premiership season.

Alan Phillips, a photographer and artist in Beechworth, recently contacted the club via our website after he found a collection of 35mm black and white negatives while moving house. Alan’s brother Peter Phillips played on the wing in Ivanhoe’s B grade premiership alongside his best mate from Northcote High, Dave Berry.

Alan Phillips, who donated dozens of historical footy images from the late 60s and early 70s in memory of his late brother

Alan’s images are an invaluable addition to the club’s online history, complementing his 8-minute clip of the 1969 grand final against De La Salle at Victoria Park. His stills also capture memorable moments from the 1972 B grade grand final against Geelong Amateurs. There’s also action shots from several home-and-away games during the early 1970s that featured future stars Andrew Ireland, Mick Callinan, John Rojo, Hadyn Hughes and Billy Phillips (no relation). All five went on to play for the VAFA’s state teams – the first three were named All-Australians.

Keen observers will also note in some of the home game images how supporters were allowed to park their cars almost halfway around the Wamba Road wing. The ground was also particularly boggy in the pocket closest to the clubrooms because of the original location of turf wicket training nets. And in a couple of the 1969 grand final photos, you can see three of the club’s precious premiership flags draped along the fence in front of the Rush Stand.

The Phillips Collection has been donated to the club by Alan and dedicated in memory of his late brother Peter.

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A police tribute to Peter Phillips, who died on December 11, 2004, can be seen at:

Special thanks to 69ers Don Blackwood, Russell Knight and Billy McWhinnie for helping to identify many of the players in these images.

To read details of each picture, simply click on it and it will expand with details such as who is featured, where it was taken and when the photo was taken.